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Update 10 December: it’s still possible I may have jumped to some conclusions (which can still be seen below). I need to dig a little deeper.

Update 27 November: some facts may have been wrong. They should be corrected now.

As of the 17th of this month, among some other changes in the network, I have IPv6 addresses1 from Tele2. This means I can now allocate vastly more IP addresses for myself than are in use on the whole IPv4 Internet. Yay! 😉

Specifically, it’s 6to4 tunneling (2002::/16). A number of mechanisms have been available from the ISP for some time already, but the new situation means that modern operating systems are able to configure IPv6 addresses automatically, without any prior tinkering from the user. That said, a default configuration may imply some privacy issues (the MAC address may be used when building the IPv6 address).

I’m not sure how wide the deployment is, but at least 8,000 fellow students in Stockholm are getting their connection upgraded at least in some other sense; anyway, that should be completed in a few weeks.

Nice to see this development on the IPv6 front.

1 For this computer, I have one IPv4 address and three IPv6 addresses right now.

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Just for fun (if you can call it that):

If you click on the image: yes, it’s still a relatively “small” amount of complaints1, and no I haven’t read them, and maybe it’s just me, but I find this picture just a little ironic for some reason or other. Also, if you must know, I was just trying to determine the searchability of one of my own pages. 😎

1 For the purposes of this post, let’s ignore the merits of the law to begin with.

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In the Swedish Metro yesterday, it reads: (my translation)

The Internet went down when the tablet was launched

[…] It turned out to be a tablet computer – and perhaps an Internet killer. In any case those who were there in San Francisco, only specially invited guests saw the launch live, had problems reaching the Internet to talk about what they saw. […]

The corresponding Swedish text:

Internet gick ner när plattan lanserades

[…] Det visade sig vara en läsplatta – och kanske en internetdödare.
De som fanns på plats i San Francisco, bara speciellt inbjudna såg lanseringen live, hade i alla fall problem att komma ut på internet för att berätta om vad de såg. […]

Regardless of interpretation I have trouble seeing how this article could reflect well on the newspaper.

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