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Yesterday, the European Parliament voted in favour of the infamous “link tax” and to build more firewalls on the Internet, obsessed with censoring any material that might infringe on copyright. In so doing, perfectly legal uploads would most certainly become collateral damage of the nearsighted robots that are supposed to enforce this.

The EU is quick to point out that this will not affect “small” companies, in practice meaning ones with fewer than 50 employees. That is hardly any comfort, and WordPress.com for instance has 779 employees at the time of writing this. Should everyone with a blog now start looking over their shoulders?

Mozilla (the folks behind Firefox) has more details on the situation before the vote, and where we are after the vote.

As for Sweden, here’s how the voting went: (Socialdemokraterna form the current government here, together with Miljöpartiet)


Name Group in the European Parliament Group in the Riksdag
Aleksander GABELIC S&D Socialdemokraterna
Jytte GUTELAND S&D Socialdemokraterna
Anna HEDH S&D Socialdemokraterna
Olle LUDVIGSSON S&D Socialdemokraterna
Marita ULVSKOG S&D Socialdemokraterna
Soraya POST S&D N/A


Name Group in the European Parliament Group in the Riksdag
Fredrick FEDERLEY ALDE Centerpartiet
Jasenko SELIMOVIC ALDE Liberalerna
Cecilia WIKSTRÖM ALDE Liberalerna
Kristina WINBERG ECR Sverigedemokraterna
Malin BJÖRK GUE/NGL Vänsterpartiet
Lars ADAKTUSSON PPE Kristdemokraterna
Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT PPE Moderaterna
Christofer FJELLNER PPE Moderaterna
Gunnar HÖKMARK PPE Moderaterna
Max ANDERSSON Verts/ALE Miljöpartiet
Jakop DALUNDE Verts/ALE Miljöpartiet
Linnéa ENGSTRÖM Verts/ALE Miljöpartiet
Bodil VALERO Verts/ALE Miljöpartiet

Abstentions: none.

Appears not to have been present:

Name Group in the European Parliament Group in the Riksdag
Peter LUNDGREN ECR Sverigedemokraterna



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