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It seems I am a little back(b)logged here. (Sorry.)

Anyway, here are some of many interesting recent events:

  • I went to Japan! I was there for 10 days with fellow Computer Science students; mostly in Tokyo, but my trip also included a short stop in Kyoto. If I should include any random thoughts about the journey, I would mention the Firefox ad in the metro, featuring a fox in a boxing ring. Very curious… 🙂
  • When talking about Japan, I simply have to include a ninja reference, no? Well, here you go: watch Ask a Ninja, net neutrality.
  • The DNS bug. It can have many interesting security implications, as this Flash movie suggests. (Thanks to Xavier for pointing to this site.)
  • The patent establishment makes fools of themselves again: our beloved European Patent Office says that software is an “ambiguous” term. (I do not know about original references yet, sorry, maybe this is only available in printed form so far. Link.) Apparently some software is more equal than other software, and deserves Patents to cover it. Here is a Digital Majority post about this.


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